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ValidateMe offers alumni-run, hands-on and meaningful youth empowerment workshops. This is achieved through building tailored workshops and programs that engage students in relevant, real and empathetic discussions. Each program is designed to suit the unique needs of each individual group and inspire practical, long-term solutions.

Four Key Workshop Principles:

  1. Assist young people to seek out and own their internal, sustainable, source of validation.

  2. Engage in the exploration of identity and values.

  3. Deconstruct the societal pressures that impact self-confidence and self- esteem.

  4. Provide tools and skills to overcome the unsettling demands of social media, the expectations of appearance, the demand for success and the pursuit of popularity.

Our workshops are unique as:

  • Our facilitators are the alumni of the particular youth groups we work with.

  • Our content is created alongside qualified mental health professionals and experts and is focused on positive self-esteem formation and reducing the influence of external validation on our sense of self.

  • We aim to create toolboxes of practical skills young people can action to remind themselves of their worth and internal value.

ValidateMe pushes people’s boundaries of self-esteem and vulnerability in a productive and beautiful way.
— Youth Empowerment Workshop Participant
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ValidateMe aims to create empowering communities and positive shifts in culture to allow young people to detach from the influence of external pressures and social media in order to form fulfilling and sustainable self esteem. 

We do so by organising education events and up-skilling our facilitators.



We train and up-skill our facilitators, guaranteeing that they have the knowledge, understanding and empathy to effectively facilitate and engage the students in these critically important conversations.

This feeds into ValidateMe’s aim of creating communities of facilitators available to one another, but also to our participant, establishing long-term safe spaces and a continuous connection to ValidateMe.

Education Events

Education events are held for the public on the principles of mental health, the concepts of well-being coaching, empowerment, leadership and understanding of validation and its’ impact on diverse groups.

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