ValidateMe is a mental and social health project run by young people for young people.

Validating youth for who they authentically are, free from unhealthy social media use and the pursuit of perfection.

We facilitate workshops, programs and discussions to help young people gain self-acceptance and self-definition and ultimately live happier, healthier lives.

Whilst 91% of young people are engaged in social networking, rates of depression and anxiety in young people over the past 25 years have risen by more than 70% (Dr Richelle Mayshak, Deakin University).

Today’s youth’s sense of identity and validation is driven by addiction to social media and the pursuit of perfection. No one posts an imperfect image, every upload presents an idealistic persona and life. Reality cannot and should not compete with unattainable and unsustainable perfection.

Our Story

ValidateMe was derived from the shared personal experiences of its founders and their peers. Social Media constantly reinforces the feeling of ‘never being good enough.’ The draining demands of maintaining a perfect online persona; a persona liked and followed by everyone with whom they then constantly compare themselves for many hours a day is a burden on the self-esteem of young people.

ValidateMe endeavours to offer youth who are overwhelmed and disempowered by social media and the pursuit of perfection with a model that breaks down the dependency on external validation and instead nurtures self-acceptance, self-definition and self-love.